Unexpected shutdown of pc *Not overheating*

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So I built a new gaming rig, have been using it for the past month roughly... a week ago I experienced an unexpected shutdown while in main menu of Rome Total War 2... didnt really think anything of it, had a bit of trouble getting it to reboot after playing with PSU. So yet again about an hour ago its shutting down again... and i was just about to resume and campaign in total war.. so I thought this is odd, I knew it wasn't overheating because i checked bios which stated CPU was at 32c and MOBO 39c, I ended up pulling off side case and aimed a fan at it to cool MOBO down to 35c. Next thing I went into Norton and performed some actions, and went to my performance tab and seen there was an issue with Rome Total war 2.. it said that i was using 100% of the CPU, Is this whats actually causing my pc to shut down on its own? Its just not possible with the CPU i have.. Iam playing on high graphics but still, here are my specs anyways?

Please help.

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